Welcome On Board

Our Vessel Jiwa Alam is anchored and we’d love to take you on our next Adventure.

Indo Boat Cruise

Our team will bring you to secret spots with world class waves, divings & stunning views.

Hidden Rights of Sumbawa

The Departing can be from Lombok or Lakey Peak, the highlight of this charter is to reach 3 main Secret Spot (we discovered more unridden right’s than left’s).

Rote Expedition

This part of Indonesia particularly the lesser Sunda Island, was occupied by Portuguese Sailors few centuries ago and they ruled there for over 400 years.

Sumba Surfari

The wild and remote island of Sumba is home to world class surf spots, Megalithic Tomb and Clan Villages, is our secret spots all along the shoreline, suited for all levels of surfers.

The Wonderings of Komodo

To marvel the wonder of Flores and your most of 50 dive sites, iconic hiking’s, exotic beach’s and the amazing prehistoric Komodo Dragon, the island of bats and idyllic sunsets.

Jiwa Alam Boat

The concept of this boat combines comfort, space and simplicity. When sailing all the year round in coral seas a boat must have a shallow draft, and must be very strong to be able to stand an unscheduled grounding, the shape of the hull must be appropriate also to ground without trouble, Jiwa Alam was made to be able to sail among coral reef so not to miss the most beautiful places and anchorages in Indonesia.

Upcoming Trips & Dates

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